Machining Innovations, Inc is a privately held S Corporation founded in 2006 by its President, Curtis Fisher. Our small precision CNC machine shop is centrally located in Oakland, Maine.

MII uses the latest in 3D modeling and 5-axis programming utilizing SolidWorks and Esprit respectively. We also have a comprehensive inspection department that includes an optical comparator with digital readout and a Brown and Sharpe computerized CMM. We employ the latest in cutting technology with extensive experience machining exotic materials such as Stainless Steel, Inconel, TItanium and Hastelloy as well as non-ferrous materials such as Aluminum and Copper. We routinely process parts ranging from small production on high value gas turbine components to high production on firearm and equipment components. We are a small Job shop and specialize in milling and turning small to medium sized repeat production runs.

MII also offers tooling and fixture services for all your in-house machining needs and provides added services such as, but not limited to, EDM, grinding, heat treat and surface coating through a network of trustworthy vendors.



Build long term partnerships through good business practices with honest hardworking employees, MII is the solution to your machining needs.  We strive to ensure your product is machined as efficiently as possible using the following principles:

  • Hardworking, honest, and experienced employees.
  • Utilize and train our employees to bring out their true potential.
  • Continuously evaluate processes to ensure the right tools and equipment are being used.
  • Offer one-stop shopping utilizing our strong network of quality trustworthy vendors
  • Treat our customers, suppliers and employees with respect, dignity and honesty.

In our quest for the highest quality performance, MII is continually raising its standard for precision and accuracyWe are constantly upgrading our equipment and software to meet the ever growing needs of our customers. We strive to help our clients achieve new levels of productivity by developing unique methods to reduce cycle time in order to increase production rates and our ability to offer competitive pricing on high quality parts.

MII’s entire team works very closely with our customers to determine the most efficient and safe manner of production for your parts.

We recognize these factors are the key to any successful relationship and encourage you to contact us at 207-465-2500 to find out more about our array of services!